What do the different colors of GPS device LED lights mean?

Tracker G400FI, G500FI, G1000 and Supra

Green LEDRed LED
When swiched ON
1. Switch on the device and take it outside (start-up takes 15 minutes)
2. Green and Red flash in alternately = Searching for network and satellites
While the device is in use:
 When Green and Red are repeating following sequence:
1 Green + 1 Red =
No data connection found -> Wait and check that the device has service time left
1 Green + 2 Red =
GPS / satellites not found -> Set the 15sec tracking frequency and, if necessary, test outdoors at another location
1 Green + 3 Red =
GSM and GPS lost -> Please wait. Go to another location. Restart the device. Set the tracking frequency to 1 minute
Flashes with 1sec intervals =
The device has found network and satellites

The device is in normal operating mode

If You don't get any position updates -> Wait
If no position updates within the last 5 mins:
Set the tracking frequency to 1 minute

If this happens when the device is switched ON or while it's in use:

Flashes with 0,2sec intervals =
Not able to read SIM or the SIM-card is in fault condition

Flashes with 2.8sec intervals =
The battery charge is low, connect the device to a charger

The LED stays on or flashes continuously = 
Fault condition -> Wait
If the situation does not change: 
Restart the device
If restarting did not help:
Send the device for Service
When the device is switched OFF 

The lights stays on continuously for 9sec =
The device is shutting down
While charging the deviceThe light stays on =
The device's battery is fully charged to 100%

1. You can disconnect the device from its charger

If the device is not used for a long time, fully charge the battery first
The light stays on =
The device's battery is charging

Flashes with 0,5sec intervals =
Fault condition while charging the battery

1. Check charger and charging cable
2. Disconnect the charger from the wall outlet and the device from the charging cable
3. Wait a few minutes and then reconnect the charger and charging cable
4. If possible, test with another charger
5. If the situation does not change: Send the device for Service