DNA, Telia and Elisa are closing down their 3G network by the end of 2023

Finnish mobile operators DNA, Telia and Elisa announced closing down their 3G networks by the end of 2023

1. What effect does this have for Tracker Supra and G1000 GPS devices that use 3G network?

- Tracker Supra and G1000 have always used primarily 2G network and 3G only as a backup option if 2G is not available

- When DNA, Telia and Elisa close down their 3G network, Tracker GPS devices continue using 2G network

2. Would it be possible to send Tracker Supra or G1000 to Tracker Service and update it to support 4G network?

- This is not possible and not even necessary, since all GPS devices can use 2G network (the default network option)

3. How to proceed, if I wanted to trade Tracker Supra or G1000 in exchange and buy Tracker Artemis?

- Please contact your local Tracker Retailer and ask for possible exchange offer (if available at the time)