Ultracom Reindeer-GPS FAQ

Extending the Reindeer-GPS Global SIM subscription

You can extend your Reindeer-GPS SIM card from our webstore from this link.

You will need the device serial number which can be found on the list that came with the device or by opening the device (serial is on the device sticker).

Setting the admin user for Reindeer-GPS

Set the admin user by sending Reindeer-GPS a text message K0, from the phone number you want to be the admin user.

Note! The admin user information must be on the SIM card before the device accepts other commands.

If K0 and other commands have been sent to the device at the same time and the device only responds to the K0 command, the other commands must be sent again. After the resent commands, you should restart the device with the reset button, so that you can make sure that the commands are received before the device is installed on the reindeer's neck. You can find more information in the user manual of the device.

Setting the proxy server (UCP) number for older Reindeer-GPS devices

When the admin user K0 is set on the device, the number of the proxy server can be sent to the device. Set the proxy server number by sending a text message to the device, UCP+358400618636.

Changing batteries

Remove the old batteries from the device and reset the device by pressing the small reset button on the device's circuit board. When pressing the reset button, the led light may flash or stay lit for a while. After this, new batteries can be installed in the device.