Tracker App - Safety features

- "Safety" and "Dog Safety" use Tracker live service to transmit location information (Dog Safety requires a paid license)
- The "Train-on-area" -alarm needs "Pro mode" activated in the application (requires a paid license)
- "Wolves" report requires a paid license or to use the App with Tracker Active  Tracker Bark

Open: Main menu -> Settings -> Safety -> Safety

By switching "Safety" on, you enable other Tracker users within 2 km to follow you, and you will be able to see their position on the map. Your own position is displayed anonymously, and the same applies to other users who have "Safety" on. You simply see an icon on the map with a text "Person" (No other information available or visible)

Note that Safety function is on by default.
Dog Safety
Open: Main menu -> Devices -> Tap the name of the device

When "Dog Safety" is on, those hunters using Tracker App with "Tracker Safety" activated will anonymously see on their map, within a 2 km radius, the icons of all dogs for which the owner of that GPS device has selected the "Dog Safety" feature to be active.

You can also tap to "Safety Note" that appears next to dog's icon that is shown anonymously on the map, along with the "Safety Note" attached to it, e.g. "Catch a dog!"
Open: Main menu -> Settings -> Safety -> Wolves

- Move the cursor on the map to where you want to save the "Wolves" report
- Tap the POI/Waypoint icon at the bottom of the map
- Select: "Report a wolf"

Once the wolf report is saved, it will leave a wolf icon in the map view, in connection with the name of the one who reported it, and the field in parentheses will be updated in real time with information about the age of the wolf report.

The wolf report icon works at different map levels in terms of visibility and size, in the same way as the icon of the dog does. The report cannot be further than 2 km from your location.

Tap the icon to see more detailed information about the wolf report, and if you are the one who have saved that report, you can also delete it by tapping the wolf report icon and then tap to remove/delete

After 3 days, the wolf report disappears automatically and before that the color of the icon also indicates the age of the observation, i.e. for wolf reports with age less than 24h the wolf icon is red and if it's older than 24h the color is yellow and for 48h old the color is gray

If you want to verify a wolf report saved by someone else, tap the wolf icon on the map and there is a button at the bottom of the pop-up menu to verify the sighting, or if the observation is outdated or incorrect, you can tap: "Deny"

Misuse of the "Wolves" system will result in the termination of the customer's user account
"Train-on-area" -alarm
Open: Main menu -> Settings -> Safety -> "Train-on-area" -alarms

"Train-on-area" -alarm is available only if You have activated "Pro mode"

When switched on, "Train-on-area" -alarms are shown if there is a train closer than 25 km, and if its speed is at least 25 km/h. Train locations are currently available only in Finland and Sweden