Ultracom Novus and Dog-GPS FAQ

Below you will find frequently asked questions about Novus and Dog-GPS devices. 

What are the device mobile subscription requirements?

The dog-GPS subscription must be able to send and receive text messages, use mobile data, and if the user wants to call the collar, the subscription must have a calling feature. The PIN code query must be turned off on the card. 

Note! The dog-GPS collar uses the 2G network. The slowest mobile data connection is enough for the device.

My device won't locate at all? 

Make sure that the SIM card in the device does not have the PIN code query turned on and make sure that the card is facing the right way in the device (check the direction of installation of the card in the user manual that came with the device). If you have replaced the SIM-card recently, make sure that the subscription has sufficient functions and test the card first on a mobile phone. If the replaced card uses a different connection address (APN), change the connection address by adding the device with the new phone number. Make sure that the batteries in the device are fully charged. 

My device is not answering my call? 

The caller must be the admin user of the device. Device SIM-card must have a calling feature. Make sure that the number you are calling from is not hidden and that the display of the number you are calling from is allowed by the operator and the phone. 

I changed the SIM of the device and the device is no longer locating? 

Make sure that the PIN code query has been removed from the SIM-card. Also make sure that the cardn can use mobile data and text message. Put the card back into the collar and move the collar to a place where the collar can connect to the satellites. Open the Tracker software -> open the main menu and select "Devices". Remove your device from the list. Re-add the device to the app. Enter the phone number of the device and the contact address (APN) of your operator's SIM card (you will receive the information from your operator). Send command to the device. The device should now appear on the map.