Where can I get spare parts (antenna, SIM door cover etc.)

1. Web Shop
Most of the most typical spare parts can be ordered directly from the Tracker Web Shop

2. Tracker Service

You can also contact directly.

Especially if the warranty is still valid, then please contact Natlink Service Kempele

Note! Parts that customer can replace (if needed) are the following:

Antenna, Antenna Clip, Reflective Collar, cover holder, SIM -card cover

All adjustments made by the customer that would affect the GPS device's waterproofness are not allowed (voids warranty)

Devices with a SIM card designed to be replaceable by the customer do not invalidate the warranty,

The following products do not allow SIM card replacement:

  • Active
  • Artemis
  • Bark
  • G10i
  • R10i
  • R10i hybrid