Using Tracker and Ultracom reindeer GPS devices with the new Tracker App

The most advanced reindeer locator on the market. Tracker® Super BOAZU™ – a GPS locator that can be worn around the reindeer's neck tells the animal's location precisely and reliably. Reindeer wearing a reindeer locator around its neck can be followed on a map on a mobile phone

Adding a new device to Tracker 7 application - Other Tracker device

Adding a Tracker or Ultracom reindeer locator to the new Tracker program

In the new Tracker App, you can track both Tracker and Ultracom reindeer locators. In this Tracker App update, groups, owner passwords and viewer passwords are removed and replaced with new compatible systems.

Below are instructions for bringing equipment and making groups..

  1. When the program starts, it asks for the ownership of the locators, for which you had the owner's password in the previous program. If you own a locator, select that you own it. If the locator is owned by, for example, a wind power company, and they do not have a Tracker App, then those who have the owners passwords for that locator, should decide who will be the owner of the locator in this new Tracker App. There can only be one owner. The owner can change tracking frequencies and give management rights to others, as well as add devices to groups. Determining the ownership of the reindeer devices can be done again in the program's account menu by selecting the "Move Tracker devices again" function.
  2. You can automatically import into the Tracker program the Ultracom reindeer locators for which your phone number has the main access right. If the Ultracom reindeer locator does not have a main user, you can get main access rights by sending a text message to the number of the locator: K0 (capital letter K and the number 0). (this is important to do before transferring to Tracker)

    The transfer of Ultracom devices is done from the menu: Main menu > Account > Transfer data from Ultracom applications with the function.

    If you still have Ultracom locators for which you are not the main user, you can add them normally using the serial number. Instructions can be found on the support pages.
  3. If the Owner wants to give Admin rights to the reindeer locators, it can be done from Main menu > Devices > device - menu: Share Management rights - with the function. The administrator has other rights, except that other administrators cannot be added.
  4. Create the groups you want to locate reindeer in Main Menu > Groups > + (bottom right). If the paliskunta has had a common group, it is enough for one person to create a group and the others join it and add their locator. You can check the members and locators of previous groups at
  5. Add the locators you own to the Group by selecting + from the bottom right of the created group's menu and choosing: my own GPS locators. Finally, you can select Close
  6. Add other users to the group. Select (+) to generate access code. Choose which level of access code you want to generate. After creating the joining code, send the code to all the reindeer herders you want to join the group. You can copy the code by pressing the text of the code for a moment.
  7. When other reindeer herders have joined the group, they can add the locators they own to the group as instructed in point 5.

If problems arise in the above that you cannot solve yourself, you can contact support. We are also building small improvements to the program to facilitate the most common problem and usage situations.

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