Active - Getting started

An illustrated quick start guide is provided with the device. You will find useful information about the setup, warnings, and technical information in the quick start guide that came with the device, so please read it carefully before use.

1. Connect the charging cable of the device to a standard 5 Volt USB power supply (e.g. a phone power supply or a USB connector on a computer).

Plug the charging head into the charging socket on the side of the Active device. Note that the charging connector is magnetic and only goes in one way.

A red light will turn on to indicate charging. When the green light turns on, the device is fully charged.

2. Press the button on the side of the device to turn it on. When the light comes on, you can release the button. The device will also vibrate during start-up.

3. Take the device outside at least 25 meters away from buildings.

4. Download and install the Tracker app from your phone's app store (minimum requirement is Android 7.0 or Apple iOS 12).

Sign in using your Google or Apple account. Register the phone number of your mobile device (phone or tablet) into the app.

The app will ask you to add your device. Select Tracker Active as the device type.

The app will ask for permission to use the camera, then the app will ask you to read the QR code of the Tracker Active device. You can find the QR code in the quick start guide that came with the device or at the bottom of the device.

Read the QR code and follow the instructions on screen, and the device will appear on the map.

5. You can now start using the device.