Active - LED-lights and what they mean

Blue LEDGreen LEDRed LED
Turning device on

Light stays on and device vibrates = device turning on.

While the device is in use

Light flashes = searching for mobile data network.

Light flashes = device has found the network and satellites.

Device is ready to use.
Light flashes once per 3 seconds = device is searching for satellites.

Light flashes once per 0,5 secons = battery low, charge the battery.
Turning device off

Light stays on and device vibrates = device is turning off.
Charging the deviceLight flashes = device battery has been damaged. Do not use the device and contact Tracker service.

Note! Bring the device in to a warm location for charging and allow it to warm up for a while before connecting it to the charger.
Light stays on = device is fully charged.

Note! The battery must be charged at least every three months. Long storage without charging can damage the battery.
Light stays on = device is charging.