G10i - LED-lights and what they mean

Green LEDRed LED
When swiched ON
1. Switch on the device and take it outside (start-up takes 15minutes)
2. Green and Red flash in alternately = Searching for network and satellites
While the device is in use:
 When Green and Red are repeating the following sequence:
1 Green + 1 Red =
No data connection found -> Wait and check that the device has service time left
1 Green + 2 Red =
GPS / satellites not found -> Set the 15sec tracking frequency and, if necessary, test outdoors at another location
1 Green + 3 Red =
GSM and GPS lost -> Please wait. Go to another location. Restart the device. Set the tracking frequency to 1 minute
Flashes with 1sec intervals =
The device has found network and satellites

The device is in normal operating mode

If You don't get any position updates -> Wait
If no position updates within the last 5mins:
Set the tracking frequency to 1 minute

If this happens when the device is switched ON or while it's in use:

Flashes with 0,2sec intervals =
Not able to read SIM or the SIM-card is in fault condition

Flashes with 2.8sec intervals =
The battery charge is low, connect the device to a charger

The LED stays on or flashes continuously = 
Fault condition -> Wait
If the situation does not change: 
Restart the device
If restarting did not help:
Send the device for Service
When the device is switched OFF 

The lights stays on continuously for 9sec =
The device is shutting down
While charging the deviceThe light stays on =
The device's battery is fully charged to 100%

1. You can disconnect the device from its charger

If the device is not used for a long time, fully charge the battery first
The light stays on =
The device's battery is charging

Flashes with 0,5sec intervals =
Fault condition while charging the battery

1. Check charger and charging cable
2. Disconnect the charger from the wall outlet and the device from the charging cable
3. Wait a few minutes and then reconnect the charger and charging cable
4. If possible, test with another charger
5. If the situation does not change: Send the device for Service