Artemis - Changing the external antenna and attaching the antenna holder



Artemis' external antenna can be replaced or tightened without special tools. The antenna can be unscrewed with your own hands and tightened in place on the same principle.


If you notice that manual tightening does not feel sufficient, or the antenna has become loose during use:


1. Tighten by hand and mark the tightening point with a line across the joint (white line in the figure)


2. Tighten a further 5mm, e.g. with locking pliers, holding point (a) and a sufficient torque of approx. 60 cNm



Artemis comes with a pre-installed antenna bracket. If you need to replace the antenna, please note that the bracket must be reattached to the device.


Note! If the bracket is removed, the device or the antenna of the device may be damaged.


Starting point

Thread the bracket so that the hole in the antenna bracket is on the same side as the antenna. The easiest way to thread the bracket is to place it underneath as shown in the picture.

Slide the bracket to the level of the antenna tip and thread the antenna tip into the hole of the bracket.

Slide the bracket all the way to the antenna so that it is a few centimetres away from the antenna.

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