Tracker App - Groups

Through groups, you can see the location of other friends and dogs in the same group on the App's map view, as well as other map material and map markers shared with the group

If you are the admin or member of a group, you can also add your own devices, map material, and map markers to the group, and use group chat

Joining a group
- Open main menu -> Groups -> Plus-icon -> Join a group
- Enter the group join code you received for the group
- Tap "Join group

Note! When sending an invitation to a group to via hyperlink ( and if the link doesn't work:

- Links work only if opened with Tracker App
- Send it by using SMS-message instead of SoMe applications
- Press and hold the hyperlink with Your finger, to open a pop-up menu, and then select Tracker App as the application to open the link with
Creating a new group
- Open main menu -> Groups -> Plus-icon -> Create new group
- Enter a name for the new group
- Tap "Create group"
Group settings

- Open the main menu -> Groups
- From the Groups menu, tap the group's name

As the Admin of the group, you can:
- Add a profile picture for the group
- You can create and share join codes to a group
- The group admin can also remove devices or members from the group
- As an admin, you can tap another member's name and change the member's role to admin (can be more than one admin) or event spectator (see this article for more information)

As a Group Admin or Member, you can:
- Tap the Plus button at the bottom of the Settings menu
- You can then add the following items:

Own GPS devices
Point of interest (POI/waypoint)
Line marker
Area marker
Map Planner -design (map)
Oma riista area
Reviiri map

As a group Spectator, you can:
- See group Admins, Members, and dogs added the group on App's map view
- You cannot add your own friends, devices, map material, or map markers to a group
- For more information on group Spectators, see this article

Leaving the group
- Open the main menu -> Groups
- From the Groups menu, tap the name of the group
- At the bottom of the Group Settings menu, you can tap "Leave Group"

Note! If you are the only admin of the group, you cannot leave the group
The admin can tap the trash can icon and delete the group when necessary
Group chat
- Open main menu -> Chat -> Select group
- Write your message and send it to the members of the group
- Note! You can also attach a drawing to your message by tapping the icon to the right of the message input field
- If you want to delete the message you sent, press and hold the message and select "Delete"
- All group chat messages older than 24 hours are deleted automatically