Tracker App - Arranging event monitoring, e.g. for dog competitions

1. Set up a group for event monitoring in Tracker App as follows:

  • Tap the “3 dots” button in the lower left corner to open the Tracker App main menu 
  • Select GROUPS and tap the "+" 
  • Select “Create new group” and tap: OK
  • Set a name for the new group, eg “Dog Championship”
  • In the Group menu, tap the name of the group you added
  • Tap "+" and select: Spectator and "Create a join code"
  • Select “Spectator” and tap: OK


2. Send all event spectators a join code to the group:

  • Copy and announce the viewer's subscription code to all participants and viewers, eg in the newsletter and on the event's website
  • There is no set limit of how many spectators there can be on a group
  • Join event tracking with Tracker. You can easily join once you have downloaded the Tracker app from your device's app store. Here's how to join an event group:

- Tap the “3 dots” button in the lower left corner to open the Tracker App main menu
- Select GROUPS and tap the "+"
- Select “Join Group” and tap: OK
- Enter the subscription code for our event (eg ABCDEFG) and tap: OK
- Now you are as a spectator and you can follow the event

- Event spectators are not visible on the map


3. Send an invitation to the dog handlers participating in the event to join the group as a member:

  • Tap the “3 dots” button in the lower right corner to open the Tracker main menu
  • Tap: GROUPS
  • Select the group you have created, eg “Dog Championship”
  • Tap "+" and select: "Members" and "Create a join code"
  • Tap the join code created for the group members and share it with the dog handlers
  • The dog handler can join the group in the same way as the event spectators (see instructions above)
  • Dog handlers can now add their dog to the group by selecting in dog's settings-menu: "Add to a group"
  • The dog handlers are now members of the group and their dogs are now visible in the group
  • Once the event has ended, You can open group settings and select: "Delete group"