If VHF-receiver is having trouble connecting/staying connected

1. Basic troubleshoot of VHF-connection issues
Start by making sure the Tracker-app has the newest version installed. You can install the newest version of the app from App-/Play-store. Instructions on how to do that here.

Recreate the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the VHF-receiver:

Phones settings > Bluetooth > VHF-receiver > on Apple tap on i-icon/on Android tap on the device > select "Unpair” or "Forget device". 

Create the connection again:

  1. Start by making sure that the VHF-receiver is using the correct Bluetooth connection mode.  The devices blue connection LED should be blinking only once per second.

    If the device is using the wrong connection mode, the blue LED is blinking twice in a row, it can be changed to the correct mode: Press and hold down the lower Bluetooth mode button on the receiver until the green power LED starts blinking (approximately 6 seconds) > Blue LED should change modes and start blinking once per second. (once the receiver is using the correct mode, blinking only once and not twice, there's no need to press the Bluetooth mode button during the installation.)

  2. Android only: Add the device to your phones Bluetooth device list: Phones settings > Bluetooth > Available devices > VHF-receiver > “Pair”.

  3. After the Bluetooth connection has been created between the VHF-receiver and phone, make sure that the VHF-receiver is not connected to any other phones/apps, VHF-receiver can only be connected to one phone/app at a time. If you are trying to add the device to a different phone, you need to remove it from the previous device. Tracker-app > Main menu > Devices > VHF-receiver > Remove.

    Note! If the VHF-receiver is still connected to the old Ultracom NEXT-app and the app is still installed, remove the device from there: Ultracom NEXT > Main menu > Settings > VHF-receiver > “Delete”.

  4. After the app has been updated and the Bluetooth connection has been created in the devices Bluetooth-settings, remove the VHF-device from the Tracker-apps device list (if the device is showing up there).

    To delete the device from the app: Tracker-app > Main menu > Devices > VHF-receiver > Trashcan-icon.
    To add the device back to the app: Tracker-app > Main menu > Devices > + icon > VHF-receiver.

  5. After adding the device to the device-list, press the VHF-button in the map view of the app, the icon should turn green.

If the connection to VHF receiver is okay, but you still don't get location from the collar then try to reset the receivers country setting. Make sure that the collar and the VHF-receiver are both turned on. Tracker-app > Main menu > Devices > VHF-receiver > Country > Choose the country that is correct for you > Restart the collar so the change takes place.

2. Further troubleshoot of VHF receiver issues Apple devices

If the connection problems continue, you should check these settings from your phone:

Delete and reinstall the Tracker-app and make sure your iOS device's own software is up to date.

- Tap the "Settings" button on your iOS device.

- Tap "General"

- Tap "Software Update"

- Make sure the latest Apple software update is downloaded and running. If not, accept the download and installation of the latest software update.

Link to Apple's own instructions for updating your iOS device's own software.

Check for app activity in the background, i.e. go back to the "General" menu in your device settings.

- Tap "Background app activity"

- Tap "Background app activity" at the top of the list.

- Make sure "Wi-Fi and mobile data" is selected.

- Make sure that the slider for the "Tracker" app in the list of apps is green (the app is allowed to run in the background and now also access the web on the mobile network, GPS and other location services on your device).

- It might be a good idea to also allow the "Maps" app to update in the background if it otherwise affects the overall availability of location services on your device in the background.

Link to Apple's own guidance on background app updates.

Check the same setting for background processes for each application, i.e. return to the "Settings" menu.

- Scroll down the list until you find "Tracker".

- Tap on "Tracker" to open the application settings.

- Check that Enabled is enabled: "Api update in background".

- If it was off, activate it by tapping the slider to green.

- Tap "Notifications" and make sure the slider is green under "Allow notifications" (optionally "Sounds" and "Characters").

- By default, "Notification Grouping" is "Automatic" and "Always (default)" is selected under "Show Preview".

Check the date/time update status, i.e. go back to the "General" menu in the device settings.

- Tap "Date and time".

- Make sure that "24-hour clock" is enabled and also "Set automatically".

This setting will affect whether the device you are using uses the same timestamp for date/time as the Tracker server. If not, the synchronization of data between your device, the Tracker app, or the objects you are tracking may not work as it should.

Link to Apple's own article if you have any problems with the date/time auto-update.

Check if "Low Power Mode" is enabled, i.e. go back to the "Settings" menu of your device.

- Tap on "Battery".

- If you do not want your iOS device to turn off background processes of the Tracker app (such as location services or web browsing) when the battery is low enough, select "Low power mode" (slider grey = off).

Check if the device's compass is enabled, i.e. go back to the "Settings" menu of your device.

- Tap on "Compass".

- Make sure that "Use true north" is selected.

- Link to Apple's own guide on using and effects of the compass.

2. Further troubleshoot of VHF receiver issues Android devices
Note! These settings might be different depending on make/model of the device.

Delete and reinstall the app: 

Phone’s settings > App’s > Tracker > Storage > Clear data. Uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Allow location on your phone’s settings: 

Phone’s settings > App’s > Tracker > Permissions > Location > “Allow always”.

Allow unlimited battery and network usage:

Phone’s settings > Apps > Tracker > Battery usage> “Unlimited”, “Allow foreground usage” and “Allow Background usage”.

Phone's settings > Apps > Tracker > Battery > Optimize battery usage > Optimized apps/all > If Tracker app has been optimized, turn it off so that the phone won't restrict the app.

Phone’s settings > Apps > Tracker > Data usage > Background data > Set slider to active.

Make sure that low power mode doesn’t affect background activity and apps.

Phone’s settings > Power saving mode > Limit the app usage, turn this slider to “off”.

If none of these are working, you can reset the phone's network settings.
Please note that this resets every Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection, they must be re-added after this.

Phone’s settings > General control > Reset network settings. 

Create the Bluetooth connection again in the phone’s settings.

3. What to do if this troubleshooting does not help?

If the VHF-receiver keeps dropping the connection/can’t connect to the app, it should be sent in for service. You can create a service request from here.