Tracker App - Installation/update instructions and version release notes

Tracker App version: 7.5.4 (Android) / 7.5.4 (iOS)

Date: 6.25.2024

Release notes:

  • Improvements and bug fixes. 

When you install the application for the first time:

Download the latest software version from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store using the keyword "Tracker"

The minimum application requirements are Android 7.0 or Apple iOS 11 or later

  1. On first launch, the app will ask you to sign in with your Google or Apple account and enter your phone number
  2. In the case of a WLAN / Wi-Fi device that does not have its own SIM card, enter a phone number that has not previously been used by the Tracker application and to which you can receive an SMS confirmation message
  3. If you did not receive an SMS confirmation message:
    - Check the device permissions on your device. Give the Google Play Store app and the Google Play Services system app access to text messages
    - Make sure your device's default browser when installing Tracker App is Chrome. You can change your default browser to Chrome by following this Google guide
    - If necessary, you can clear your Google Play Services system app and / or Play Store cache as instructed by Google
    - The same problem usually doesn't occur on iOS devices
  4. Once You receive the SMS confirmation message and if it's the same phone number that Your phone uses, the Tracker App usually reads it automatically, but if not, then enter the confirmation code manually
When updating the application you're using:

- By default, the app store for your device may require the device to be connected to a WLAN / WiFi network before agreeing to update apps through the app store

If apps on your device are not updated automatically, you can update an individual app manually by following Apple's instructions / Google's instructions

- Please check Apple's instructions and Google's instructions if you encounter any problems during installation

When transferring the App to another device (e.g. from old phone -> new phone)

DO NOT move the App to a new device from a cloud service backup, but perform a new clean installation!

  1. Install the App from the App Store on your new device
  2. Use the same Apple/Google Account you used to install it on Your previous device
  3. All Your App data used with previous device/installation will be synchronized to the new installation of the App

If you get e.g. an error message during installation or application deployment:

- Take a screenshot (if possible) when an error message appears on the screen
- Send a support request
- In your support request, include the Apple/Google account email address you used on your new device during installation
- If the app was installed on a different Apple/Google account on your previous device, please tell us what Apple/Google account You were using during the previous device/installation