Changes to repair services and customer support for your GPS devices

Dear customer,


We want to inform you about crucial updates regarding repair services and customer support for some of our older GPS devices.


First and foremost, we want to assure you that the devices mentioned below will continue to work with the Tracker App until further notice. However, there will be certain limitations with regard to repairs and customer support for these devices. After careful consideration, we announce that in-house repair services and customer support for the following devices will end on 1st May 2024:

  • Ultracom Novus 
  • Ultracom Dog-GPS (all models) 
  • Ultracom Taiga (mortality detector and transmitter)
  • Pointer Pro magnum FI
  • Pointer PM
  • Tracker G400 FI, v2.09, and v2.13
  • Tracker G500, v2.09, and v2013
  • Tracker G500 FI, v2.09, and v2.13
  • Tracker G1000, v2.09, and v2.13


Instructions on identifying your product in use can be found here.


Commitment to sustainability

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we strive to extend the lifespan of our devices. At the same time, technology evolves and we must adapt our efforts accordingly to continue being at the forefront of sustainability and innovation.


Upgrade opportunities and service transition to our partners

As we pivot our focus to new models and developments, the availability of spare parts has become more challenging due to aging technology. Therefore, we've decided to discontinue in-house service for the mentioned devices. Our partner Pihlatek will take over and continue to service these devices after May 1, 2024. You can contact Pihlatek via e-mail, Pihlatek website (in Finnish)

Offers for you:

If you are considering upgrading to a new device, we will be running exclusive swap offers and flexible monthly payment options to help you with a seamless transition. Please monitor our website and social media for upcoming swap opportunities.


On the horizon:

Exciting developments lie ahead as we work for new innovations, driven by our commitment to providing you with the best experiences. We can't wait to bring you along on this exciting journey!


How to proceed: 

If you have any questions, require assistance or would like to learn more about our swap offers, please do not hesitate to contact our excellent support team at

Thank you for being a valued part of our community.

Best regards, 

Tracker Team