I want to send my GPS device to service / maintenance, how do I proceed?

We recommend basic maintenance for the GPS device every 2-4 years of use

Start by creating a service request for your device and you will receive more information via email.


The following products are no longer serviced:

Tracker TTA-310 series (TTA-310x/TTA-310/TTA310i/TTA-310ia), Gray GPS device, GPS device with orange antenna (Tracker), or an orange GPS device with a separate GPS receiver attached to the upper part of dog collar (Pointer)

Support (software updates, maintenance techsupport) and operation of the first generation G400 dog GPS devices has ended 5/2021 

1st Generation GPS devices:

Tracker G400 v2.07, v2.08, v2.08i
Pointer Magnum v2.07 ja v2.08

You can find out the version number by opening Tracker App's target list and tap the name of the device in question:

 "SW version"
Version number is also either written on GPS device chassis or it can be found from a sticker: (version number in bold)


More detailed instructions of how to find out the version number for your GPS device can be found here

Only exception is G400FI of which is a newer model and still receives software updates, service/maintenance and techsupport