I want to send my GPS device to service / maintenance, how do I proceed?

1.    Ensure the device is under warranty and identify the correct service center based on device type/model 

  • Instructions on how to check your device model can be found HERE


2.    Create a service order for the device 

  • You can create and submit your service order HERE

  • Fill out the form and send it. 


Note: If you want to send multiple devices for service, you can send them in a single order. List the necessary service actions for each device in the ”Fault Description/Message” section of the service order. 


3.    Find the following documents we sent in your email and print them out 

  • Service order  

  • Address label 


4.  Package the device  

  • Place the printed service order inside the package. 

  • Attach the address label to the outside of the package. 


5.    Take the package to a courier service point and request it to be sent to the service center address on the label 


For inquiries about the status of the service or other service-related questions, please contact the service center where the device was sent for service. 


For inquiries regarding devices sent to the Kempele factory service you can submit a  support request 

(remember to select “service” from the “select request topic” -dropdown menu) or by phone, call +358 (0)8 521 9000 (weekdays from 12 PM to 2 PM).  


Please note that customer service only assists with issues related to device service.