10.13.2022 - Device update


We have noticed this fall that some G400FI, G500 (2013), G500FI, G1000, Supra and G10i devices have experienced intermittent GPS interference more than in previous years, which may be due to weather conditions or GPS interference/ jamming. As a precautionary measure, we have therefore modified the settings of the devices so that the GPS will search for locations at maximum power when the tracking interval is set to less than 2 minute (3s  – 1 minute 59 seconds). Increasing the power also increases the power consumption of the device. To save power, set the tracking frequency to ≥2 min (e.g. 2 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min). We will inform later, if other solution will be found to save power without compromising the GPS performance. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


The GPS / Satellite receiving problem could be seen by following ways:

  • From Tracker APP, the seconds in the position age don’t zero, position is not moving and in the APP Satellite level is all gray. Other parameters as Network, Barking frequency and Movement level are changed seldomly.
  • From collar: Light blinking is Green, Red, Red – Green, Red, Red -- …


In case, you still face them with the device.

  1. Place the device outside and wait until it gets a position update.
  2. In case satellite signals are lost often or not got at all, the collar is broken.