Active - FAQ

How do I subscribe and pay the device subscription fee?
The device subscription is purchased in the Tracker online shop in the "app" section (note: in France, the subscription is paid for the device in the device settings).
I already have the full version of the Tracker app, do I need to pay the device subscription fee?
The device subscription fee must be paid regardless of whether the device is used with the full or free version of the Tracker app. Read more about the user levels of the software at this link.
I started using Active, but the subscription of my Tracker app did not extend for one month?
The purchase price of the Active device includes one month's subscription to the device and not for the Tracker app full version.
What is the difference between the Tracker app included in the Active device subscription and the separately purchased Tracker software?
The installed software is the same, but if you purchase Tracker software with an annual subscription you will get access to extended map functions (hunting maps, aerial maps and spatial boundaries (note that available maps differ between countries)), group functions (you can join/create groups and share the visibility of your device with all group members), you can control other Tracker brand devices, as well as Ultracom and WeHunt brand devices, and you will get access to the group chat feature. More information can be found on this article.
How can I cancel the device subscription fee?
You can cancel the device subscription fee by logging into your Tracker My pages from this link. You have received a password to the service by e-mail when ordering your Active subscription, and if necessary, you can restore a forgotten password from the My Pages.

What kind of charger can I use to charge the Active?
Active should be charged with a standard CE-approved charger equipped with a USB-A connector.

Note! Do not leave the charging cord attached to the charger after the charging is completed. It is also recommended to unplug the charger from the power outlet.
Why do I need to charge the device battery every three months?
All devices discharge battery, even when not in use. It is recommended to charge the battery every three months to avoid deep discharging of the battery. If the battery is not charged every three months, the battery may be damaged, and the warranty will not cover damage caused by misuse of the device.
Why does the blue light on my device flash when it is plugged in to the charger?
If the blue light flashes twice every two seconds while the device is on the charger, this indicates a fault in the battery or charging circuit of the device. In this case, disconnect the device from the charger and contact Tracker Service.

What app does the device support?
The device supports the Tracker app. You can use the app by paying the device subscription and share your device with two other users by creating an admin code for the device in the app (the code is created in the Active device settings). If you want to access advanced features such as group functions and extended map data, you can do this by purchasing the full version of the Tracker app from our webstore.
How do I activate my device in the Tracker app?
The first time you install the app, it will prompt you to add your device. If you wish, you can skip this step and add the device later from the "Devices" menu in the app main menu. Press the "plus" icon at the bottom of the screen and select Tracker Active as the device type. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the device to the app. You can also find more information in the device user guide, as well as in the getting started guide at our support site.
I can't add an Active device to the Tracker app?
Make sure you have followed the instructions in the user manual (charge the device, turn on the device and take it outside. Wait for a few minutes and try adding the device to the app).
How can I add other admins (users) to my device?
You can create an admin code for the device that allows two other users to add the device to their Tracker app. The code is created in the Tracker app in the device settings. Admin can add a device with the code to the Tracker app from the "Devices" (open main menu of the app and select “Devices”), by clicking on the "plus" icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting "Enter Admin or Viewer Code".
How can I add a device to a Tracker group?
You will need a full version of the Tracker app, which you can purchase from the Tracker webstore. Once you have purchased the full version, you can then use the group functions (join and create groups) and add your device to the groups of your choice.

In which countries does the device work?
The device works in Europe in countries that have 2G network available.
Where can I order spare parts?
Spare parts are available for the hinge part and the charging cable. You can find spare parts in the Tracker online shop.
Can I replace the SIM-card of the device?
You cannot change the SIM-card of your device yourself. If you open the device, the warranty will expire immediately. You can find more information about the warranty in the warranty booklet that came with your device.
What is the length of the warranty, and how can I send my device in for warranty service?
The device has a two-year warranty. You can check the warranty conditions in the warranty booklet that came with your device. To get service for your device, you will need to create a service request. You can find more information about servicing here.