G10i - FAQ

Safety and maintenance instructions
Always check the condition of the housing of the device before using the device

Using the device:
Switch on the device before attaching it to your dog
Charge the battery immediately after use

DO NOT use the device if the housing/casings are damaged
Danger of explosion!

Device storage:
Store the device in a cool, dry place
It can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water

Do not store the device with a completely discharged battery
You do not need to drain the battery regularly to maintain its performance
It is best to keep the device for a longer time with a battery that is at least about 50% charged
If the device malfunctions

G10i doesn't give position updates:

- Check that the G10i' service time has not run out. You can check this from Tracker App, in the device's own settings menu
- From the G10i' own settings menu, select: "Restart the device"
- Use 15sec or faster tracking frequency (then the device's own power saving mode will not interfere with G10i)
- Are there any bite marks or other damage to the antenna? -> You can order a new antenna from the Tracker online store as a spare part

- If by externally examined the G10i appears to be OK -> Then is it only one user that is experiencing the problems or each and everyone who tries to track this particular G10i?

- If only one user is experiencing the problem, check that the Tracker app is up to date, the app is online, the app has a valid license and that You're able to download maps, and other dogs can be tracked, etc. and if all those previously mentioned are ok, then try removing this G10i from targets-list and then add back again, but if that doesn't help, then contact Tracker techsupport for further assistance

G10i' barking alarm (bark counter) doesn't work:

- Check that the collar is not too tight around the dog's neck

- If G10i does not pick up the barking correctly (or not at all) and does not draw a barking trace on the map -> Adjust the bark detection sensitivity

- If the device is used with a vest/harness, first thing You could try is to set the sensitive setting for bark detection to max (to the most sensitive). If the device does not register barks at all: Contact Tracker Technical Support

- If you still have problems with the bark counter, even after the above steps have been performed and you have also contacted Tracker Technical Support -> Then: Contact Tracker Service/Maintenance

- If the dog's barking sound is more special and the problem isn't directly on the device but in the dog's voice, then you can record the dog's barking for a while and send that sound sample to Tracker's technical support, who can forward it to Tracker R&D department for further investigation

If the malfunction is severe or the device doesn't work at all:

- Turn off the device by the power switch and wait approx. 10 minutes and then turn on the G10i again and test how it works

- Check the casing of the device for damage (bite marks, cracks, etc.) -> If there is, the watertightness of the device is compromised: Send the device for service

- If no LED-lights are on and the device does not respond to any commands -> Connect the G10i to the charger and leave it in the charger for 6h. Then turn on the power normally and test the operation of the device. If the problem still persists -> Send the device for service