Changing SIM-card to older Ultracom devices (Dogps and Novus)

If you have an old Ultracom DoGPS device or Novus and you have not updated the device firmware to the newest one (Dogps 1A.7 or Novus B96.5 which both have been released on 5th of June 2023). If you change the SIM-card to the device then it could be that the device cannot connect to our servers anymore. If this problem occurs, please contact our support.

Note that if your device has already been updated to the newest version, then you can change the SIM-card to the device without problems by adding the device as a new device to the app. More information on adding devices can be found here.

We will update in future (estimated beginning of August) the Tracker app so that you can change the SIM-card and add the device to Dogps and Novus devices that have older firmwares.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support. Thank you.