Fixed: Problems with GPS time stamp on Tracker G400FI, G500FI and G1000 models

The problem:
- The time and date of the receiver circuit of the GPS device became incorrect, which means that the time stamp of the location data is random

A temporary solution:

- We have modified the server in such a way that it assigns a time stamp to the clearly incorrect GPS location information coming from the device to the server according to the time of reception of the message

The consequence:
- If the location data of the device comes buffered, e.g. after a disconnection, its age / time stamp, is displayed incorrectly in the program
- If the error in the time stamp of the device's location information is small enough, the error will also appear in the phone program
- If the device cannot calculate new location data and sends old location data from its memory, it is currently displayed in the phone application as new location data

We have been in contact with the circuit manufacturer regarding the problem

The devices affected are the following:

  • Tracker G400FI (device version 2.13 - devices delivered 2013-2015)
  • Tracker G500FI  (device version 2.13 - devices delivered 2013-2015) 
  • Tracker G1000 (device version 2.13 - devices delivered 2013-2015) 
  • SuperBoazu FI

We are investigating a fix for the problem and will update this news article. Customer does not need to send the device in for service and our support cannot currently help in this issue. You can read more on how to check your device version from this link. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.

The problem started: 30th of October 2022 on around 08:00 (GMT 0)

Problem fixed: v1.36.00 software update