Artemis - Firmware version update and release notes

Artemis - Firmware version: v.5.00.00

Date: 06.06.2024

Update content:

New Features and Improvements:

  1. Improved Battery Life.
    • Battery life improved up to 120 hours
    • New tracking intervals are available in the app (up to 6 minutes) for maximum battery life.
  2. Vibration Command
    • Accessible in the Whistle menu.
    • Use vibration in addition to beep sounds to control/train your dog. 
  3. Antenna and Network type (GSM / 4G IoT)
    • Replaces the currently existing “External antenna attached to device” setting.
    • Select the ”internal antenna” option in Settings if you don’t use an external antenna.


  • Resolved an issue where, Only Internal setting was cleared occasionally, which caused over 10-minute network search breaks if the external antenna was not attached to device. Note. If you do not have antenna attached to your device, reselect Only Internal – setting, to make sure the device does not try use missing external antenna


Additional Information:

  • 4G IoT networks typically consume less energy than GSM. If available, use the 4G IoT setting for better performance.
  • The latest Artemis versions come with a 4G IoT external antenna. You can purchase optimized 4G IoT antennas for older versions in our web shop here.
  • Artemis 4G IoT antenna has a dark green base, and text LTE near the base.
  • Artemis GSM antenna has a black base.
  • Artemis uses both 4G IoT and GSM networks but will prioritize the one you have specified in the settings.

The device automatically downloads and installs new software updates as soon as they are released.
Therefore, you cannot send the actual update command to Artemis through the Tracker App

The update will be distributed to Artemis users in stages