Tracker App - "My position" tracking

When you open the app, the default view shown at the bottom of the map view is "My Location", but if you have been tracking a device and when you close the app and this was the last thing you looked at, it will be the first to open in the map view. You can switch back to "My location" by sliding the bottom bar to the right.

  1. If GPS is ON and available, you can quickly center the map on your location by tapping the icon to the right of the "My position" name (By default, a round green icon is used)
  2. Next to the GPS icon is a map button: "Switch between my position and current target" (sight icon), which you can tap to quickly switch between your location and the location of another target you're tracking

For more information on the icons and map markings that appear on the map, see this article

Below you will find other settings related to "My position" and how to edit them 

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Edit your profile information
When you open the "My position" info menu at the bottom of the map view, by tap&hold it with Your finger and swipe to the center of the map to open it, you'll see:

- The distance traveled ("tail" distance in kilometers)
- The direction of travel (angle measurement degree)
- Your phone's battery charge level percentage

Tap the Settings button (gear icon at the bottom of the menu) Then tap the item in the menu whose information you want to edit:

Name on your own map
- Affects the name displayed on the map and the name used in the menu at the bottom of the map view

Display name
- When you join a group, this name will appear in the group's information and in their map view who are members of the same group

Profile picture
- Appears in the menu at the bottom of the map view and your profile picture when you join the group

Show scent trail
- If selected for use, you will see an orange cone in your map view at your own location that points downwind and shows the current wind direction

Locating and tracking "My position"

Turn on GPS
- The icon is at the bottom right of the map (Satellite icon)
- Requires that you have enabled location permissions for the Tracker application on your device
- When the satellite icon is green, your location is updated on the map and your location can also be shared via the groups you have subscribed to and can also be shared with Tracker Safety
- When a satellite icon is red with a line over it, your location is not updated on the map and not shared via the groups you have subscribed to, and it is new shared with Tracker Safety
Position update frequency
Your location is updated for you every second. Group members see your location either every 10 or 60 seconds, depending on whether you are stationary (60sec) or moving (10sec).

If you have an Android device, you can also enable the setting: "Android legacy positioning" if necessary
Sharing your location

When you join a group, your personal location is automatically shared with everyone else in the group

If your friend wants to track your location on the map in their own Tracker app in real time, then you both need to be members of the same group. You can only share your real-time location with groups

You can find more information about the groups and how they work in this article

Save track as a line

You can select "Save track as line" and share the saved line, e.g. via message or e-mail

- Tap: "Save track as line"
- Select the start and end time of the track to be saved, i.e. the time period from which you want the location information of "My position" to be saved as a line markup
- Enter a name for the line markup to be saved
- Select the color to use
- Select whether the saved line markup is displayed as a solid line or a dashed line
- You can save a description for it to be used in the application menus
- You can select an existing folder as its location, or create a new folder for this purpose, or share it into a group
- Finally, tap the Save button

Once a Line markup is saved, and you open its own settings menu, new options are available:

1. You can tap: Group and copy the Line markup to a group
2. You can share it as a link that another Tracker App user can open with their own app
3. You can download it as a .GPX file and send it, for example, with a message or e-mail to another user
- Anyone who gets that .GPX file can tap it and choose the application or service of their choice that can handle .GPX files and display them on the map
- If the .GPX file is opened with the Tracker App, then it will be displayed on the map and will also be saved in the "My markers" menu of that user

Also, the settings of your iOS or Android device affects with "My position" location updates:


Make sure your Android device has its own software and security updates are up to date

- Link to Google's own guide for checking and updating software and security updates

Check if the location services and related settings on your Android device are active and enabled

- A link to Google's own guide with instructions given also for older legacy Android devices
- A link to Google's own guide to improving the accuracy of location services

Check if the permissions needed by the location services for Tracker application are active and available

- A link to Google's own guide to edit apps permissions e.g. to use location services on your device
- A link to Google's own guide for choosing which apps can use your Android phone’s location services

If the application has not been used for more than 3 months, please check the "Automatically remove permissions for unused apps" section of the Google support article linked above

Do you use automatic updates/sync for time, date & time zone in your device?

- A link to Google's own guide for choosing the settings for time, date, and time zone

- If you have a dual SIM device, i.e. there are two different SIM cards / subscriptions from two different mobile carrier service provider and if there are problems with time/date/timezone sync with those ISP's network, please contact either the tech support of your mobile carrier subscription provider or the manufacturer of the Android device in question

If the compass on your Android device does not work or is inaccurate

- Link to Google's own guide for calibrating the compass on your Android device
- In addition, the Google Play Store has several apps for calibrating the compass and other sensors on your Android device. You should also ask the Android device manufacturer for their own technical support, as they may have their own application for this purpose that is specific to your device and the components used in it.

Power management settings to extend battery life, may prevent you from using GPS and location services

- A link to Google's own guide for these settings and their effects on your Android device

- For device-specific instructions, contact the tech support of the manufacturer of the Android device you are using

If the solution to the problem would require you to reset your Android device to factory settings

- A link to Google's own guide for backing up and restoring data on your Android device
- A link to Google's own guide for resetting your Android device to factory defaults


Make sure your iOS device's own software is up-to-date

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to check and update iOS -device's own software

Make sure Tracker app is allowed to stay on and operate even while you're using other app, screen switched off etc.

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to use Background App Refresh

Make sure iOS device time/date update is set on automatic, for this affects also to GPS accuracy on your device

- Link to Apple's own guide on what to do if this setting doesn't save changes made or is non-responsive

Make sure iOS device "Low Power Mode" is not restricting apps use of device's GPS and Tracker Live tracking

- Link to Apple's own guide on "Low Power Mode" settings and of what effects it has on your iOS device

Make sure location services and GPS are enabled for your iOS device or for an individual app (Trackera App)

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to turn Location Services and GPS ON or OFF

Make sure Compass is enabled for your iOS device

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to toggle Compass ON or OFF

You can also reset Location Services on your iOS device if that should be necessary

- Link to Apple's own guide of which lists what apps and services are affected and how the procedure is done