6.5.2023 - Important update for Ultracom devices

To get your device ready for the hunting season, we are sending out a mandatory firmware update to all Ultracom devices (excluding Avius).   

Devices will automatically start to update on 06.05.2023. This update is a mandatory update so that your Ultracom device will work in future. The device will update itself automatically when you next time turn it on. Make sure to update your device as soon as possible so that it is ready for the coming hunting season.


For the update to succeed without problems make sure of the following:

  1. Make sure that your device SIM-card subscription is valid. You can see the device subscription from the Tracker application devices-menu by clicking on the device and scrolling to the SIM-card icon (device setting section). Note that you need active Tracker application subscription to be able to check this*. If you are still using the Ultracom Next app, please first migrate to the new Tracker app. You can read more on this link.
  2. If your device has run out of SIM-card subscription, you can extend the Global SIM-subscription from our webstore or if you are using your own SIM-card, make sure that the SIM-card subscription is active.
  3. Charge the device battery.
  4. Put the battery inside the device and take the device outside.
  5. Turn the device on. The device should start to automatically update itself within couple minutes and the update should take approximately 10 minutes. Do not turn the device off while it's doing the update. The device led-lights will blink differently than normal when the device is updating. 

Your device version is now be updated and the device version should be the following:

  • R10i Hybrid version: B7.6 
  • R10 Hybrid version: B7.6 
  • R10i version: B7.6 
  • R10 version: B7.6 
  • Novus version: 96.5
  • Dog-GPS version: 1A.7

If the device update fails or you have any questions about the process, please contact our support team by clicking on this link.

We apologize the inconvenience. 

*If you do not have active Tracker application subscription, you can check your Ultracom R10 series Global SIM-card subscription validity from our webstore on this link. Write the device ID that can be found on your device manual to the field and click on search. The device SIM subscription validity will appear under the field. If the validity is “-“, then the card subscription has expired and before continuing the update instructions, please extend the card subscription from the webstore.