11.22.2023 - Service Announcement: Tracking Interval Adjustment Issue

Update 11.23.2023 - problem has been fixed.

We wish to bring to your attention an ongoing concern related to the current functionality of changing the tracking interval of devices within Tracker application. Regrettably, this feature is presently experiencing an unexpected during normal maintenance operation. You face following problems:

- Tracking Interval might not change

- Tracking Interval texts can be only English

Maintenance work is ongoing and these should be fixed latest at next morning when all apps have got new settings.

As the result of the maintenance, you will get new Tracker App version, which has improvements e.g. for VHF receivers connection for Hybrid and Avius collars, corrections and improvements for tracking interval instruction texts, for Tracker Artemis, Tracker Bark, Tracker Active and for all Ultracom devices and improvement for G10i firmware update failure.


We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work diligently to rectify this matter. For further updates, please stay tuned to our support page.