Issue with Bark and Active device connection - 06.06.2024

Update 6.6.2024

The problem recurred today but was swiftly addressed by the operator. The devices should now function normally after an outage that lasted approximately 30 minutes. However, there might still be some issues in certain areas 

Update 3.6.2024. - Problem in operators network is still affecting some devices, we'll keep monitoring the issue and updating the article when we get new information. Sorry for any inconvenience.

31.5.2024 14:30 GMT+3 - Problem has now been partly resolved, we're sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

31.5.2024 - The operator is investigating the problem and looking for a solution.

Issue started: 30.5.2024. 6:00 GMT+3

Due to an ongoing connection issue with our operator some devices might be experiencing issues with connection and location sending.

We will investigate this issue and update this article as soon as we get new information.

Sorry for any inconvenience.